Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Development Framework for Socially Controversial Projects

Report Date: 

March 2016





This Nuclear Stakeholder Management Manual is intended to seeks to help implementers of nuclear projects answer two questions:

  • Why have so many nuclear projects failed in the United States over the last 35 years?
  • What are you, as the manager of your project, going to do differently to prevent your project from failing?

The purpose of the Nuclear Stakeholder Engagement Manual is two-fold. First, the manual aims to outline the essential elements of stakeholder engagement as gleaned from a model for stakeholder acceptance: the Golay-Williams Model of Stakeholder Acceptance for Socially Controversial Projects [1] [2]. Second, the manual aims to operationalize the Golay-Williams Model by outlining attributes of stakeholder engagement strategies and defining stakeholder relationship guiding principles that capture the benefits identified in the Golay-Williams Model. The manual offers a three-stage process for developing, maintaining and (if needed) recovering a successful stakeholder engagement strategy. In summary, the manual provides a structure and a process to aid project implementers in gaining and maintaining stakeholder acceptance for socially controversial projects—such as those of nuclear facilities.


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