Nuclear Submarine Program at MIT

Peter Reuell

On October 16-31 the MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering hosted a 3-week-long executive education course for the Australian leadership of AUKUS, the Australia-UK-US strategic alliance that will provide Australia with nuclear-power submarines in the coming decades.  The course was modelled after MIT’s Reactor Technology Course for Nuclear Utility Executives, offered jointly with INPO since 1993.  The course was taught by the MIT faculty and external subject-matter experts.  It covered the basics of nuclear reactor theory and design, as well as operations, safety, training, RP, regs, nuclear shipyards, etc.  The number of participants in this first edition was restricted to 20 senior members of the new Australia Submarine Agency.  The course directors were Profs. Jacopo Buongiorno and Ben Forget.

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