ICAPP Best Paper Award - Three students of Professor Jacopo Buongiorno


Three students of Professor Jacopo Buongiorno have won the Best Paper Award at the 2023 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP) held in conjunction with 38th Korea Atomic Power Annual Conference, Korea Republic.  The recipients are as follows:

Emile Germonpre is a Nuclear Science and Engineering graduate student working in the microreactor group.

Emile Gateau was a visiting student (from Ecole Polytechnique) in Prof. Buongiorno microreactor group last summer. He was primarily supervised by Professor Neil Todreas.

Faris is an Undergraduate student at Tufts University whose research on microreactors has been co-supervising by Prof. Buongiorno. Faris has applied to transfer to MIT NSE this year so hopefully he’ll be a full Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) student soon.


Best Papers:

  • Emile Germonpré, J. Buongiorno, K. Shirvan, J. I. Lee, R. Macdonald, “An economic analysis of the use of nuclear microreactors in hydrogen production”, Proc. ICAPP 2023, Gyeongju, South Korea, April 23-27, 2023.
  • Emile Gateau, N. Todreas, J. Buongiorno, “Consequence-based security for microreactors”, Proc. ICAPP 2023, Gyeongju, South Korea, April 23-27, 2023.
  • Faris Fakhry, J. Buongiorno, S. Rhyne, B. Cross, P. Roege, B. Landrey, “A Central Facility Concept for Nuclear Microreactor Maintenance and Fuel Cycle Management”, Proc. ICAPP 2023, Gyeongju, South Korea, April 23-27, 2023.