CANES Reports

The Future of Nuclear Power new
RPT. No.: 1
Japan’s Next Nuclear Energy System (JNext)
ANP TR RPT. No.: 187
Development of a Low Enrichment Uranium Core for the MIT Reactor
MRR RPT. No.: 1
Design of a Sodium-cooled Epithermal Long-term Exploration Nuclear Engine
NSA TR RPT. No.: 2
Aerodynamic Design of Turbine for S-CO₂ Brayton Cycle
GFR RPT. No.: 3
Nuclear Power Plant Performance Assessment Pertaining to Plant Aging in France and the United States
NSP TR RPT. No.: 32
Conceptual Design of Nucelar Geothermal Energy Storage Systems for Variable Electricity Production
NES TR RPT. No.: 14
WP-Potential Applications of the Modern Nuclear Fuel Cycle to (South) Australia,
ANP TR RPT. No.: 182
High Performance Fuel Design for Next Generation PWRs
NFC PR RPT. No.: 1