CANES Reports

An Alternative to Gasoline: Synthetic Fuels from Nuclear Hydrogen and Captured CO2
NES TR RPT. No.: 6
Optimization of the Hybrid Sulfur Cycle for Hydrogen Generation
NES TR RPT. No.: 4
The Attributes of a Nuclear-Assisted Gas Turbine Power Cycle
NES TR RPT. No.: 3
Hydrogen Production Using High Temperature Steam Electrolysis and Gas Reactors with Supercritical CO2 Cycles
NES TR RPT. No.: 2
Nuclear Technology and Canadian Oil Sands: Integration of Nuclear Power and in situ Oil Extraction
NES RPT. No.: 5
Nuclear Energy Options for Hydrogen and Hydrogen-based Liquid Fuels Production
NES TR RPT. No.: 1
Can a Nuclear Biofuels System Enable Liquid Biofuels as the Economic Low-carbon Replacement for All Liquid Fossil Fuels and Hydrocarbon Feedstocks and Enable Negative Carbon Emissions? Workshop Proceedings
NES TR RPT. No.: 23
Mission to Mars: How to Get People There and Back with Nuclear Energy
NSA TR RPT. No.: 1
Markets and Economic Requirements for Fission Batteries and Other Nuclear Systems
ANP TR RPT. No.: 191
Separating Nuclear Reactors from the Power Block with Heat Storage: A New Power Plant Design Paradigm
ANP TR RPT. No.: 189