CANES Reports

A Framework for Analyzing Nuclear Power Multiunit Accident Scenarios and Providing Accident Mitigation and Site Improvement Suggestions
ANP TR RPT. No.: 186
Japan’s Next Nuclear Energy System (JNext)
ANP TR RPT. No.: 187
Symptom-Based Conditional Failure Probability Estimation for Selected Structures, Systems, and Components: Minor Milestone Report: Project on Design of Risk- Informed Autonomous Operation for Advanced Reactors
ANP TR RPT. No.: 188
An Economic Evaluation of Micro-Reactors for the State of Washington
ANP TR RPT. No.: 190
Public Attitudes Toward America’s Energy Options: Insights for Nuclear Energy
NES TR RPT. No.: 8
Can a Nuclear Biofuels System Enable Liquid Biofuels as the Economic Low-carbon Replacement for All Liquid Fossil Fuels and Hydrocarbon Feedstocks and Enable Negative Carbon Emissions? Workshop Proceedings
NES TR RPT. No.: 23
Improved Methods for Managing Megaprojects
NES TR RPT. No.: 22
Water for a Warming Climate: A Feasibility Study of Repurposing Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant for Desalination
NES TR RPT. No.: 20
Molten-Salt Fusion Liquid-Immersion-Blanket Integrated Validation Plan
NES TR RPT. No.: 19
Stakeholder Relationship Management in Controversial Projects: A Case Study of the Cape Wind Project using a Feedback Analysis Model
NES TR RPT. No.: 18