CANES Reports

Techno-Economic Evaluation of Cross-Cutting Technologies for Cost Reduction in Nuclear Power Plants
ANP TR RPT. No.: 175
Security and the Offshore Nuclear Plant (ONP): Security Simulation Testing and Analysis of the Multi-Layer Security System
ANP TR RPT. No.: 176
Understanding Hydrogen/Tritium Behavior on Carbon to Predict and Control Tritium in Salt Reactors: Experiments, Modeling and Simulation
ANP TR RPT. No.: 177
Commercialization Basis for Fluoride-salt-cooled High- Temperature Reactors (FHRs): Base-load Reactor with Heat Storage for Variable Electricity and High-Temperature Heat to Industry
RPT. No.: 178
Integrated FHR Technology Development: Tritium Management, Materials Testing, Salt Chemistry Control, Thermal Hydraulics and Neutronics, Associated Benchmarking and Commercial Basis
ANP TR RPT. No.: 180
Heat Storage Options for Sodium, Salt and Helium Cooled Reactors to Enable Variable Electricity to the Grid and Heat to Industry with Base-Load Operations
ANP TR RPT. No.: 181
WP-Potential Applications of the Modern Nuclear Fuel Cycle to (South) Australia
ANP TR RPT. No.: 182
Fluoride-Salt-Cooled High-Temperature Reactor (FHR) Temperature Control Options: Removing Decay Heat and Avoiding Salt Freezing
ANP TR RPT. No.: 183
Implications of Carbon Constraints on (1) the Electricity Generation Mix For the United States, China, France and United Kingdom and (2) Future Nuclear System Requirements
ANP TR RPT. No.: 184
Heat Storage Coupled to Generation IV Reactors for Variable Electricity from Base-load Reactors: Changing Markets, Technology, Nuclear-Renewables Integration and Synergisms with Solar Thermal Power Systems
ANP TR RPT. No.: 185