CANES Reports

Thermal Striping in LWR Piping Systems
NSP TR RPT. No.: 7
Identification of Performance Indicators for Nuclear Power Plants
NSP TR RPT. No.: 6
Analysis of Direct Seismic Risks and Its Effects on Existing Emergency Response Plans Near a Nuclear Power Station
NSP TR RPT. No.: 5
Maintenance Cycle Extension in Advanced Light Water Design
NSP TR RPT. No.: 4
Feasibility Investigations for Risk-Based Nuclear Safety Regulation
NSP TR RPT. No.: 3
Analysis and Utilization of Operating Experience for Organizational Learning
NSP TR RPT. No.: 1
Advanced Offshore Seabed Reactors
ANP TR RPT. No.: 155
An Inverted Pressurized Water Reactor Design With Twisted-Tape Swirl Promoters
ANP TR RPT. No.: 156
Maximizing Nuclear Power Plant Performance via Mega-Uprates andSubsequent License Renewal
ANP TR RPT. No.: 158
Hydrodynamic Analysis of the Offshore Floating Nuclear Power Plant
ANP TR RPT. No.: 159