CANES Reports

Quantitative Performance Comparison of Japanese and American Nuclear Power Industries
NSP TR RPT. No.: 18
Thermal Striping in LWR Piping Systems
NSP PR RPT. No.: 17
Enhancing the Competitiveness of Nuclear Power Plants through Risk Informed Decision Making
NSP TR RPT. No.: 16
Bayesian Belief Network (BBN)-Based Advisory System Development for Steam Generator Replacement Project Management
NSP TR RPT. No.: 15
Probabilistic Risk Analysis of Falsification Cases in the Japanese Nuclear Industry
NSP TR RPT. No.: 13
On the Use of Multi-Attribute Utility Theory to Quantify the Desirability of Hydraulic Control Unit Maintenance of a Boiling Water Reactor
NSP TR RPT. No.: 12
A System Dynamics Model of the Energy Policymaking Process
NSP TR RPT. No.: 11
Modeling the Energy Policy Making Process as a Response to Social Concerns
NSP TR RPT. No.: 10
Modeling of Electric Energy Policymaking
NSP TR RPT. No.: 9
Modeling the Dynamic Complexity of the Energy Policymaking Process
NSP TR RPT. No.: 8