CANES Reports

A Unified Risk-­‐informed Framework to Assess the Proliferation Risk and License the Proliferation Performance of Nuclear Energy Systems
NSP TR RPT. No.: 29
Application of the Technology Neutral Framework to Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors
NSP TR RPT. No.: 28
Thermal Striping in LWR Piping Systems Progress Report: September 2001 through August 2002
NSP PR RPT. No.: 14
CATILaC: ComputeR Aided Techniques for Identifying Latent Conditions
NSP TR RPT. No.: 2
Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Development Framework for Socially Controversial Projects
NSP TR RPT. No.: 36
The Curious Case of the Marcellus Shale: PA vs. NY Fracking Case Study Summary
NSP TR RPT. No.: 35
Evaluating the ‘model’ for consent-based siting: Stakeholder Acceptance and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
NSP TR RPT. No.: 34
Models for Stakeholder Relationship Management at Socially Controversial Facilities
NSP TR RPT. No.: 33
Nuclear Power Plant Performance Assessment Pertaining to Plant Aging in France and the United States
NSP TR RPT. No.: 32
Investigation of Risk-Informed Methodologies to Improve Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor Economics with Safety and Non-Proliferation Constraints
NSP PR RPT. No.: 31