CANES Center

The Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering and the MIT Energy Laboratory established the MIT Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES) in September 2000 with the late Prof. Mujid Kazimi serving as the first Director. The Center aims to create concepts for nuclear energy systems that promise favorable economics, reliability and environmental sustainability. The Center's programs involve development and application of methods,... Read more

CANES aims to hasten the development of new and transformative technologies, materials, and methods that will make nuclear fission more affordable, more rapidly and securely deployable, and even safer than is currently the case. Building upon MIT’s already extensive capability in nuclear fission-related innovation, the Center supports work across the entire technology development arc—from basic materials research all the way through to... Read more

Emerging from the real-world needs identified by MITEI’s partners in industry, CANES research will both build upon established tools of nuclear research, including an on-campus 6 MW research reactor and state-of-the-art experimental facilities, and draw upon the full gamut of 21st century technologies, from advanced computation to nanotechnology, from 3D printing to robotics.

Meeting the world’s ever-increasing demand for energy without adding to the burden of atmospheric carbon will require dramatic changes in the way humans generate and use power. Today, fossil fuel–based power generation and transportation systems are major contributors to the all-time-high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). To address the potentially devastating impacts of climate change, future systems will need to produce very low... Read more

Advanced modeling and simulation of neutronic and thermal-hydraulic behavior promises to provide designers of nuclear plants with high-fidelity quantification of the safety margins, as well as the best ways to improve fuel efficiency and operations. Taking advantage of recent advances in computer science, MIT researchers have developed new methods that dramatically accelerate the solution of the equations describing neutron transport—... Read more